Thursday, February 21, 2008

At least I'm not writing 2007 on my checks any more, but ...

Are we really this deep into 2008 and I haven't posted anything? Yeah, I guess it's true. Of course, I'm the mom who wrote all her holiday cards after Christmas and then left them in my scrapbook room. They're addressed. They'll be mailed ... but just when, exactly? I went to all the trouble of making them, even dressing my darling daughters in matching outfits for the photo, and have addressed them by hand. By hand!! Not even labels!! I'm telling you, I was doing it all right.
And then ... sigh. The not-mailing of them.

Of course, I have a built-in excuse ... several of them, in fact.
1. I have a baby daughter (she's 7 months old now, so I guess I have 5 months left of this one)
2. I work full-time
3. My house looks like an interior tornado rages weekly (EF-3 on the Fujita Scale, I SWEAR!) and someone's got to make sure we don't get gangrene from the debris!
4. Fill in the blank

I have the stamps. There's really no excuse. I think I'll do it this weekend before the 100 stamps I bought at Costco are obsolete thanks to the U.S. Postal Service raising rates. Again!

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