Saturday, March 01, 2008

Love Cherries, Love Chocolate ... but not always together, I'm finding

As a diet soda drinker, I enjoy branching out from my beloved Diet Coke to switch things up. I love Diet Coke with Lime, for example. The lemon ... too strong. Found Vanilla Diet Coke to be refreshing, but can't find it in stores now.

Diet Dr. Pepper is also on my playlist, with Cherry Vanilla Diet Doctor ranking high. So when I saw ads for Cherry Chocolate Diet Doctor Pepper, I gave it a try. Bleah.

Just my opinion of course, but it's gritty somehow. Maybe chocolate really needs a texture to be enjoyable, although hot chocolate is pretty smooth, and I've had a YooHoo once or twice in my youth. I bought a 2-liter bottle of it and I've had one glass. It's not for me.