Wednesday, September 02, 2009

You know how LinkedIn shows you how many people have looked at your profile and how many times you turned up in search results on your home page? It's a stat I've looked at often in the last few months during my job search.

Tonight, I checked it out, and it said 6 people had checked me out in the last 7 days. When I clicked on the link to check out the possibilities, I was pretty surprised by the top 5 results. Take a look:

1. Greg Bowman, a co-founder of Linking Greensboro Live, whom I've met in real life at a huge networking event this summer. I'm looking forward to the next one. We're linked.

2. Chris Brogan, social media connector and thought leader, co-author of Trust Agents, a new book which I've just finished reading and recommend highly. We're linked.

3. Sarah Palin. Interestingly enough, I must know someone who knows her. We're second degree connections.

4. John McCain. Huh, same deal. We're second degree connections. Who knew?

5. PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA! The President of the United States is searching for meeee.

So I know I'll be getting that LinkedIn invitation any day now ... or maybe he'll contact me via Twitter. He's a very social media savvy President, you know.