Friday, May 15, 2009

Three reasons to visit

I started following Guy Kawasaki on Twitter months ago, after I had visited his website Alltop, a website that aggregates blogs based on their topics. They call it an online magazine rack. Interested in scrapbooking? Visit How about personal finance? ( Maybe you're a huge Carolina fan? is the site for you.

Three reasons to visit the site:

1. There are so many topics, with new ones created all the time. They are updated 24/7 so there's always something interesting to read. I have found personal and professional inspiration here.

2. You can create your own personal Alltop. Find the blogs on the topics you're interested in and create your own personal mix of news, chat and comments. Plus it's really easy to share links and more with your social network. Mine is

3. Inkslinger is now on!

I'm sure there are many more reasons you'd visit Alltop. How are you using it to find the best conversations and topics?

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