Monday, June 30, 2008

Way less than 8 and gr8tful!

So I have been watching a lot of Jon and Kate + 8 on TLC recently. Have you seen this show? It's my guilty pleasure. Jon and Kate had twin daughters and thought they'd try for one more. They had fertility issues so they got pregnant with assistance both times. Turned out the last time, Kate was pregnant with sextuplets! Eight kids. When I started watching it, the sextuplets were under 3 years old. Now they are either 4 or about to turn four.

Anyway, Kate keeps them on a schedule, which is no mean feat. I mean we're talking eight children under the age of 7 plus at least one photographer, sound operator and a producer! On some shows, I know they've got to have more crews. Sometimes she comes off a little harried, but I utterly sympathize. On my worst day with two kids, I've got a walk in the park comparatively speaking.

I bought Lexie shoes on sale at Stride Rite a month or so ago. $29 bucks. On sale. Now multiply that by six. Buy some more shoes for the older girls. Double it. Not to mention the toys, the clothes, the laundry, the dinners, the potty training, the books, the diapers, the pull ups, you name it.

How does this show make me feel? Grateful. So very, very grateful.

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